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5 Reasons To Use A VPN


5 Reasons To Use A VPN 

There are limitless uses for a VPN. However there are some ways a VPN can be used which are more popular than others. Listed below are 5 ways to use a VPN.

Bypass Restrictions

Some sites such as Netflix is only available in the US. Since VPN allows you to appear as if you are in the US by changing your IP address to a server located in the US, you will be able to bypass any restrictions or firewalls to use Netflix from a foreign country.

Public WIFI safety

When you’re connected to public WiFi, hackers can break into the network to get sensitive information from you such as your social media passwords or even bank account login details. A VPN will allow you to stay safe while using public WiFi.

Unblocking Social Media

Are you located in or are going to visit a country where social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter is blocked or restricted? A VPN can help you bypass such restrictions allowing you to freely use the social media platforms freely.

Skype For Less

Did you know that Skype charges your calls based on your IP address? You would be paying a lot less if you called a  United States number from a United States IP address than if you called from a foreign country’s IP. A VPN can help you appear as if you are located in the US having Skype services for a lower price.

Online freedom is a right everybody deserves.With online freedom, the internet will be a way better. Just imagine a internet with no government restrictions, hackers, data throttling or logging.

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