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How to setup OpenVPN on Mac manually


The following steps will teach you how to set up OpenVPN on Mac manually without the BlazeVPN Software using a customised version of Tunnelblick with BlazeVPN server configurations pre-installed.

  1. Click Here to install Tunnelblick.
  2. Double click the tunnelblick icon.
  3. Enter your mac admin username and password.
  4. A “Install Configurations for all users” window will pop up. Select “all users” or “only me” depending on what you want.
  5. A window will pop up, click on “launch”.
  6. A “new feature” window will pop up. Click on “check for a change”.
  7. Make sure the “Include anonymous system profile” selection is unchecked.
  8. Hit the check automatically button.
  9. A menu button will appear on the top right of the page, click on it.
  10. Choose your desired server.
  11. Fill in your BlazeVPN username and Password.
  12. A small black window will appear.
  13. Once the window says “connected”, you are now connected to BlazeVPN.
  14. The top right menu button should now be illuminated.