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Setting Up BlazeVPN on iOS

Instructions and setup guide for iOS users

Quick Setup Guide for iOS

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Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Step 1

Go to “General” on the “Setting” app.

Step 2

At the Bottom “General”, go to the “VPN” settings.


Step 3

Select “Add VPN Configuration”.

Step 4

Select “PPTP” and fill up the blanks as so:
Description: You desired Description
Server: Use the respective BlazeVPN Server Address of your choice to connect to your location of choice. You can get the addresses at
Account: Your BlazeVPN account name
RSA SecurlID: Off
Password: Your BlazeVPN Password
Send All Traffic: ON


Step 5

After filling in the blanks, hit the “Save” button.

Step 6

Press the “Connect” button to connect to VPN.


Step 7

Congratulations, you are now connected to BlazeVPN, enjoy your browsing freedom!