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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your policy on logging?
We log zero traffic and user activity during the usage of our Virtual Private Network service. We are therefore unable to match any of our IP addresses to a specific account at any particular time. This means that we have absolutely no knowledge activities such as but not limited to sites you visited, files you downloaded or any other activities carried out during the period at which you are connected to any of our servers. You may view our full privacy policy at
Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection to connect to the internet?
No, a Wireless/Mobile/Hotspot/Dial-Up/Broadband/DSL/Cable/Satellite internet connection is required to be able to be connected to use a VPN.
What payment methods can be used?
We currently accept over 120+ payment methods which you can view here
What programs will be protected by the VPN?
Once you are connected to our VPN server, all programs use a virtual network interface, which protects all programs that access internet on your computer.
Do you provide trial accounts?
We do not provide any trial accounts to prevent the abuse of our VPN. However we have a 7 days full money back guarantee should you be unhappy with our service.
Where is BlazeVPN based in?
BlazeVPN based in Singapore where there is no mandatory data retention law.
I am not happy with your service. Can I have a refund?
Yes, we offer a 7 days full money back guarantee. We recommend that you first contact our support team at or by opening a ticket on our web based control panel before requesting for a refund as our team will be happy to solve your problems.


Will the server location effect the connection speed?
Yes. Generally, when the location you connect to is closer to your actual lcoation, your internet speed will not slow down as much as when connecting to a further location.
Can I use the VPN service from more than one device?
Absolutely! You can use our service from as many devices as you wish, and up to 3 devices simultaneously, as long as all of them are connected through the same IP.
L2TP is not working on my Mac OS software.
If you are running OS X Mavericks or above, L2TP protocol may not work on your software. We are currently working on a fix for the software as with these updates there have been slight changes to the way the OS uses the L2TP protocol. Don't worry, as in the meantime you can still use the PPTP or OpenVPN protocol.

Payment and Billing

Are Bitcoins accepted?
Yes! Since we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, we are proud to announce that we have just added Bitcoin, an anonymous currency, as a new payment method.
What are the payment methods?
We offer a wide range of over 120 payment methods, from credit cards to Bitcoin and even certain gift cards, we have a payment solution for everyone.

Still have questions?

Feel free to talk to our online representative at any time you please using our Live Chat system on our website if a representative is online.

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