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Uses for BlazeVPN

There are many things you can do
with a VPN, here are some of them.

Bypass All Restrictions

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to bypass your country’s internet restrictions, access certain websites, update your social media accounts, call using VOIP, or watch a movie on Netflix or any other video streaming sites. BlazeVPN is here to solve all of these problems, just by connecting to any of our over servers worldwide you can start browsing the web securely and freely!

Complete Online Privacy

With our service you can hide your real IP address allowing you to bypass restrictions and stay private, we also encrypt all your traffic with up to AES 256 encryption so that the government or hackers cannot spy on you. You can enjoy up to 1Gbps network transfer speeds on all of our servers. We also do not, and never will log any VPN activity or usage ever.

Unblocked Entertainment

Annoyed by the "Content is not available in your region" alert? With BlazeVPN you can bypass these annoying restrictions by changing your IP address to match those in a country that the content blocked is allowed to be viewed in. We also support up to 1Gbps transfer speeds that will enable you to stream your favourite content in full HD.

P2P file sharing and Torrenting

Afraid to torrent on your internet? Don't worry as with BlazeVPN you can do so behind our VPN with the many servers we have that are specially optimized for torrenting and P2P. Besides that we also have a Zero Logging Policy that we enforce to allow you to torrent freely as you wish without any worries.

Unblock Social Media

Are you located in or are going to visit a country where social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter is blocked or restricted? Our service can help you bypass such restrictions allowing you to freely communicate and share with friends and family from wherever you are, whenever you wish.

Public WiFi security

Did you know that it is very easy for a hacker to retrieve your internet data when you are connected to public WiFi? This data can include sensitive information such as social media passwords or even bank account login details! With our service you can ensure that you are safe online whenever you are connected to a public WiFi network.

Prevent Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing of Internet service by an Internet service provider. This can happen to anyone regardless of the internet speeds your ISP had promised. You can prevent your internet from being throttled by using our service and be able to access the internet without any sorts of throttling.

Skype For Less

Did you know that Skype charges your calls based on your IP address? You would be paying a lot less if you called an United States number from a United States IP address than if you called from a foreign country's IP. You can literally make back your entire investment on our service and more just by using our VPN with Skype.

And Many More!

There are many more ways you can use our VPN service for, those listed above are just some of the more popular uses for our services.

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