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Why BlazeVPN?

At BlazeVPN, online security, online privacy and online freedom is our top priority, we always strive to improve our service by providing blazing fast and secure VPN at competitive prices. BlazeVPN currently has a network in over 160+ locations across 6 continents providing you with internet freedom from anywhere around the globe.

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Quick And Easy Access

BlazeVPN’s one click software is designed to allow you to start surfing the internet securely, freely and anonymously in any of our over 160+ locations quickly and easily. All you have to do is press a button, and you’re ready, let us handle the rest.

Bypass All Restrictions

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to bypass your country’s internet restrictions, access certain sites from work, stream content, or just wanting to watch a movie on Netflix. BlazeVPN is here to solve all of your problems, just by connecting to any of our over servers worldwide you can start browsing the web securely and freely!

Absolutely Zero Logs

BlazeVPN does not, and never will log any VPN activity or usage ever. Never will we provide any personal or private information to any third parties. We are a privacy focused service and we will always ensure the best security to our users.

Complete Privacy

With our service you can hide your real IP address allowing you to bypass restrictions and stay private, we also encrypt all your traffic so that the government or hackers cannot spy on you. You can enjoy up to 1Gbps network transfer speeds on all of our servers. We have servers specially optimized for torrenting and P2P to allow you to torrent freely as you wish.

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